Sunday, August 21, 2011

Severe Weather Concern


On Sunday the National Meteorological Center (NJC) issued a Red Alert as Saturday night the strong tropical wave became a tropical storm named Irene.

The path of the system is projected to threaten all the Greater Antilles, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Puerto Rico. The NJC found the storm to have a great potential to become a category 1 hurricane before reaching the Dominican Republic and traversing the island into Haiti, in the next 2 days.

A vigilance level of red has been issued by the National Risk Management and Disaster (PNGRD) which warns of a persistent threat of heavy rain, gale force winds, risks of landslides and floods

Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm Just A Kid, What Can I Do In Haiti?

This was my first trip to Haiti. I knew last year after the earthquake that I was supposed to go to Haiti. The very first year my mom went to Haiti God promised her that she would go back one day with me. I have been so excited about this trip, but didn't really know what I would do there. My mom reminded me that if I was willing God would use me. Our first full day in Haiti we got to visit House of Hope. It is an orphanage run by Ms. Alice. My mom, dad, and I went there in the morning to see Ms. Alice and ask if the team could come back later. It was really cool to see my mom get to see her friend again. Ms. Alice hugged my mom hard and kept saying, "My friend, my friend." We went back to House of Hope with the team that afternoon. We took a bunch of crayons and pictures so we could color with the kids. It was so much fun. The kids loved having their picture taken.

I loved playing with the kids everywhere we went. It's kind of like that's what God called me to do, just love on kids and play with them. The team teased me saying everywhere we went the thing they heard the most was my name. I made a lot of friends. They really liked playing with my hair, even the moms did. I also helped my mom and Ms. Kay with VBS. I taught the actions to the songs. It was a lot of fun dancing and praising God. I even helped my mom teach the Bible story one day. I mostly sat with the kids and held the little ones on my lap. When we would come back to a church, the kids would start yelling my name. It was kind of funny.

Our last day in Haiti, we got to visit another orphanage. I loved it there. We sang songs and danced with the kids. We also blew up balloons. The kids would ask my mom if I was her daughter. There was one boy that asked my mom that and then said that she is his mom now too. Guess I have a Haitian brother named Demetri now. I loved holding the little ones. I really want a little sister, especially after playing with all the little girls in Haiti. I am praying extra hard that God will send me a sister soon. It would be ok with me if He sent her from Haiti.

I really learned a lot in Haiti. God took me out of my comfort zone. I even did the team devotion one morning. I taught the team a cheer from day camp. I am blessed…to be a blessing! It was just such an awesome experience. I made some really great friend. I really liked the guys at Joy House. They were so much fun and always watched out for me. I'm so glad I went to Haiti and that God showed me that I'm not too small to do stuff for Him. Even just holding babies and loving on kids is important. Anything we do for God isn't useless.

Written by Abby T.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Mountain Top Experience

It's so hard to just pick one thing that happened in Haiti that left a huge impact on me. This is the 3rd year I've gone to Haiti and this year my 10 year old daughter, Abby, went with us. It was so amazing to see God use her and watch her walk grow, but I think I would have to say my mountain top experience happened on a mountain. This year the team built a house for a young couple that lived on a mountain. The trek up was very difficult for us Americans, especially with supplies. However, when we met the couple, it was well worth it. The young lady was 7 months pregnant and had the sweetest spirit. We were very lucky to have a nurse on our team, Laura, so we checked the young lady's blood pressure, asked how she was feeling, and gave her vitamins and stuff for the baby. (It was kind of like a mini baby shower.) While the guys worked on the house, Laura and I sat and visited with the young lady and some kids. The Holy Spirit prompted me to tell some Bible stories. Even though I had been teaching VBS to the kids during the week, I was not prepared.

I racked my brain for a story and thought of my son, Noah, and his favorite Bible story, so I told them the story of Noah's ark. (I'm sure that surprised you.) The kids were glued and hanging on every word. We talked about the rainbow and how God always keeps His promises. Next we told them the story of when God gave Abraham and Sarah a son. Yet another story of God being a promise keeper. Last we told them the story of David and Goliath. We told them that God uses the willing regardless of size or ability. After we were done telling stories, the young mother-to-be asked if we would name her baby. I have never been so honored. Laura and I talked for a bit and I said that she should name the baby David, so that she would always remember how big our God is. We headed back down the mountain for lunch. I fell twice on the trip down and decided I wouldn't go back up. (To be honest, I was sore and feeling too tired to go up again. I was relying on my strength and not God's.)

The guys went back up the next day to work on the house again. We were going to an orphanage, so most of us didn't go back up the mountain. We went to pick the guys up for lunch, but I stayed at the bottom of the mountain with my daughter and Laura. They came back with a message for me. She thanked me for the stories and said that she missed me. After lunch a small group of guys were headed back up the mountain to finish up the house. I asked if I could go along. When we reached the top, I waited by a tree. Pastor Benito told the young lady that I was back and she came running to meet me. She asked if I had received her message. We sat around and visited. I asked if they would like to hear another story. She was nodding her head excitedly and trying to get the kids to say yes. After they did, she told one to go get me a chair. We sat together and I told them the story of Jesus' birth. We talked about how it was unlike any other birth and how God was willing to humble Himself and be born in a stable for us. I told her that there is nothing special about me, but that God chooses to use me. I encouraged her to tell her baby stories from the Bible.

As we were getting ready to leave for the last time, she promised to have Pastor Benito send me a picture of baby David. I told her that baby David's picture would be hung up in my house when I got it. She told my husband that the baby would be named David even if it's a girl. We prayed for her and her little family and asked God to bless them and let them be a light on the mountain top. I am so thankful to have met her. I will never forget her. She was so thankful for everything we did, even though to us it didn't seem like much. I pray that God will help Baby David to grow strong and do great things for Him in Haiti.
Written by Sarah T

Sunday, August 7, 2011

T.S. Emily Causes Little Damage

Tropical Storm Emily thankfully caused very little damage and took only one persons life as it dissipated as it approached the southern shore of Haiti. Port-au-Prince and the surrounding area which were all affected by the January 2010 earthquake were spared the heavy rainfall and high winds which had been predicted. Only minor flooding was reported north of Port-au-Prince.

John R.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Please pray for the people of Haiti as tropical storm Emily makes a bee line toward them. Many people are still living in makeshift shelters and tents which could be devastating.

John R.